Friday, December 11, 2009

Myolie Wu first mini concert on this sunday

Myolie Wu has just launched her brand new album and she is extremely busy for the album promotion as well as the promotion for the series "A Chip Off The Old Block". Myolie will be hosting her first mini concert this Sunday. She has been practicing her song and dance and hopes she will look her best for her fans in the concert. Myolie told reporter "I am well prepared for the concert, I need to look my best for my fans. Apart from dancing, I shall perform a lot of songs of course. I am worried I may get stage fright, therefore I bought a Hi-Fi a while ago so that I can practice my singing at home whenever I can. That way I can familiarize the lyrics and also I can assess my own performance." The reporter asked Myolie if she is getting anxious ? Myolie replied that she is coping quite well, but worried about the dancing part. She went on to say "I am not worried about the singing because most of them are my own songs, not many songs are from other singers. I will dance for 2-3 minutes in the mini concert. I have been rehearsing very hard because I am worried I may forget the steps. Dancing is not my strong point."

The report asked Myolie what sort of feedback she has received from her fans? Myolie smiled and said "I didn't ask them directly, but some fans said they like it very much. In particular, I wrote the lyric of one mandarin song called "Soulmate". They were amazed how well it turns. I am very satisfied with that song." That comment has given Myolie a lot of confidence for doing future creativity work." Myolie was asked if she is hoping to get the new comer's award at the end of the year, like last year. Myolie pointed out that "This is my second year in the music industry, I haven't thought about getting an award. After all I am not a new comer competing with only a few or about 10 people, I am an old hand already. I have to compete with the well established and experienced singers now. This is a very tough job. Therefore, I don't hold any high hope, I am very happy to be able to participate in such event that night and I am looking forward to it."

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