Friday, December 11, 2009

Drama "Hi My Sweetheart" finish filming

GTV's idol drama "Hi My Sweetheart" held a celebration party for finish filming. Due to last week's high rating making a record, the producer at the spot booked Rainie and Show's time slot for a drama next year and also requested to the two that were preparing their new albums to be their concert guest. Xiao Zhu responded with a cold joke.

In the hands of Director Lin and his quick shooting style, "Hi My Sweetheart" finished filming in a bit more than two months time. Recently the drama team held a celebration in Taipei, the producer, director, Show, Rainie, Lee Wei and others all attended. Rainie was previously worried that she could not attend the banquet because of her schedule in preparing her new album, as a result, just upon wrapping up around the end of last month she immediately went around trying to settle on a time, she says "I have to attend the end-off celebration party in order to have a perfect ending feeling to it!"

After Xiao Zhu says goodbye to mushroom head and turns into a handsome guy, the ratings evidently went up. Last week's rating held the highest record so far since airing, producer Angie at the celebration party directly went to Show and Rainie to book their slots for dramas next year and also requesting to be both's concert guest. Show jokingly said, "Sure! I will for sure let Angie go onstage "add ice"!" (add ice` sounds like guest in mandarin) Show's style of joke was super cold.

As the celebration party ended, the drama team continued with singing. Show opened with his own song "撐腰" stirring up the atmosphere. Director Lin and Producer Angie also danced along. The atmosphere was very up lifted. Rainie was requested by all to sing "曖昧", Lee Wei sang very old Taiwanese songs, a very different tone. Producer Angie Cai suspicious and asked Director Lin if he gave a hard time to everyone so now that its the end, everyone is crazily drinking and celebrating.

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