Saturday, December 19, 2009

"Never Ending love Concert" from "Air Supply"

"Air Supply" will be performing "Never Ending love Concert" again in Wan Chai Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center tonight due to overwhelming demand. As this is their second concert in Hong Kong this year, Graham and Russell feel a bit strange. They reckoned it is for the love of Hong Kong. They have been busy rehearsing for tonight's concert, but managed to find time to speak to the media. The three Miss Hong Kong were out to greet them too. They told reporter although they have been to Hong Kong so many times, they get excited each time they come to HK, in particular, the shopping. Their impression of HK is the busy traffic and the sky scrapers. They revealed that most of their clothes are bought from Hong Kong.

Air Supply performed 140 concerts in 2009 and this concert in HK is their last performance this year. Apart from singing their golden classic songs, they have prepared 5 new songs. Talking about them having another concert in HK again only after 6 months, they told the media that they find it odd too, maybe they feel they never left Hong Kong.

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