Saturday, December 19, 2009

Anson Hu films ” 空位” (Emptiness)

After “Unemployment Love Song”, Anson Hu films his next release,” 空位” (Emptiness). This time, he invites Ady An to star in the MV, where Ady explains, “Actually, I agreed to act in the MV just because I can slap him. A lot of people asked me to hit him.” The two of them first met in China and became good friends. In fact, it was Ady An who introduced Linda to Anson, who is now his rumored girlfriend. When Ady and Anson arrived at the MV filming location, which was a motel, they made fun of each other’s love rumors.

In the MV, Ady and Anson act as a couple that has broken up. Ady has to slap him according to the script. Ady, taking an angle, pretended to slap Anson 20 times, but Director was only satisfied when Ady slapped Anson for real, where Anson responded with a threatening expression, “You’re done for! I will remember who hit me for the first time.” Luckily, Anson was only joking with Ady.

Anson will also be performing at a mini concert on the 18th with Cyndi Wang.

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