Thursday, December 03, 2009

New drama "Happy Together"

CTV new drama "Happy Together" production team went to Dan Shui to film a basketball match. The production crew even recruited 200+ students to be the cheering squad. Leroy Young was determined to do well and when everyone were eating, he went off to do practice more, trying to get the hang of playing basketball back. He revealed that he used to be one of the substitute players that sit on the bench.
When he was still studying, Leroy was in the school's basketball team and his well toned figure was maintained till now. However, his skill wasn't as good as his school seniors and he could only be the substitute player.

Gino who's also in this drama felt very down when he heard they were shooting a basketball scene. 4 years ago, he injured his lumbar vertebra when filming and couldn't take part in any strenuous activities anymore. During this few days of filming, whenever Gino lift his shirt, it can be seen that he has pasted medicated plaster (Chinese Medicine) on his back. He revealed that "I plan on passing the ball to Leroy or Ma Nian Xian whenever I get it, to avoid spending all the money I'm earning on medicine."

Although Penny Lin does not know how to play basketball, she has always loved watching basketball matches since young. When she was still a child, even though she had chicken pox, she still fought with her Daddy about going to watch William Jones' Cup International Tournament. She also joked that she's an expert in arcade's basketball shooting, her highscore was 200 points. Jennifer Hong Xiao Ling on the other hand is a total basketball idiot and has no interest in balls.

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