Thursday, December 03, 2009

"The Nth 100 days (第幾個100天)" from JJ lin

Where's JJ Lin? After a whole year of near-complete disappearance and a lost of voice crisis at the start of the year causing JJ to be greatly depress and keeping to himself, writing down words that resembled a will, JJ Lin is now ready to start off again. Having been through the down period, his new album "100 Days" will reflect his new mood after this period of low profile.

Having been in the industry for 7 years, for JJ, this year, he faced the greatest challenge that a singer can meet in his singing career. He said that he originally felt that his voice was just tired and then he had a few times of the flu and the condition kept getting worse. Thus he started to take great precaution. During spring though, before a concert at Beijing's Worker Sports Complex, he suddenly lost his voice and couldn't make a sound. Faced with 30 thousand fans, he suddenly felt that the world was spinning and was very hopeless. He immediately got a steriod shot and finally managed to go on stage to perform.

After his performance, JJ immediately rushed to the hospital for a through check and then returned to Singapore, closed off from everyone. He recalled how there was one night, he was lying on the hospital bed with his handphone turned off, breaking off all contact with the outside world. "It just felt like the world was ending at that time. I thought I couldn't sing anymore and was greatly depressed. That night was 100 days long.

Remembering the tune that has been in his head before he even debut, JJ Lin completed this song and he revealed how he felt during this 100 days to lyrics writer Yao Ruo Long. The song "The Nth 100 days (第幾個100天)" was thus formed. After his mom took great efforts to help him recover, JJ is now "reborn" and he's coming out with a new album. Preorders will be made available with a collaboration with Yahoo! and the album will be released on December 18.

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