Saturday, December 19, 2009

New film from Andy lau " Future X-Cops "

Romantic-scientific film Future X-Cops which boast a cast of Andy Lau, Barbie Hsu, Fan Bingbing and Xu Jiao, it will open in the cinemas on 5 February 2010, its unique theme and top rated production made it the most anticipated film during the Chinese New Year holidays. Being his first film after his announced marriage, Future X-Cops has a different meaning for Andy. From the “happy family” photographs revealed by the film company, Andy bringing “his daughter home” show off a cute, handsome and full of responsibility father image.

In August 2009, Andy’s marriage with Carol Zhu Liqian create quite a stir as Andy whom had been in showbiz for more than 20 years can finally put down his idol image, it opens a new chapter for his life and career. Being his first film after his marriage, Andy’s character is a brave,upright cop and full of responsibility father. In this new film directed by Wong Jing, Andy is a cop whom time travel from 2085 to 2010, collaborating with Fan Bingbing, Barbie Hsu and Xu Jiao, these actresses came from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong respectively.

In the film, Andy, Fan Bingbing and Xu Jiao formed a family. In the revealed photographs, the young mother Fan Bingbing helping daughter Xu Jiao changing and meanwhile father Andy delivered food, it creates a happy family scene. The photograph used a futuristic gray color, from the decoration of the room show off the scientific element of the film. This is the second collaboration between Andy and Fan Bingbing as they collaborated in A Battle of Wits before.

There are many Chinese New Year films this year, within the 90 days slot, there would be a total of 53 films to be screen. Future X-Cops theme is special, other than “happy family”, the film’s action director is Ching Siu Tung, he specially design a series of “futuristic action scenes”. Meanwhile, the large scale computer effects make this film to be the Chinese film with the most special effects scenes. The film company has high confidence in the film as it express: “Believe when it is screened on 5 February, it would bring a refreshing audio and visual banquet for all audience.”

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