Friday, December 04, 2009

Release Album "Music Life (失业情歌) by Anson Hu

On December 8, Anson Hu will be releasing his newly composed album "Music Life (失业情歌), after a 2 year break. Yesterday, Anson invited a group of fans to bake cookies together and share the joy.

Anson's new album "Music Life"'s first hit song is also called "Music Life" and it expresses the feelings of a male who lost both his career and love at the same time, facing great pressure from both areas. Anson shared that the idea for composing such a song came from the current economic shift. Alot of his friends or classmates were affected by the recession, some had a salary cut while some were unemployed. The people who faced the biggest setback were those who lost both their career and love at the same time. Thus, he had the impulse to write such a song, hoping that those who went through similar experiences could let go of their anguish through this song and find the courage to start over again.

Anson expressed that alot of his fans were of the same age group as him and accompanied him in growing up. "They heard my songs as they progressed from high school to university and then out to society. Now that the economy is so bad, alot of them are facing immense stress from their work and daily life. Although the economic recession brought about lots of pressure and trouble, we still have to live our life. Losing your work is unimportant, what matters most is to not lose your confidence and courage. You will succeed one day." About balancing career and work, reality and idealism, Anson felt that sometimes, a real true love is much more important than work. "If you lose your job, you can find a new one by putting in all your efforts. A good relationship might only come by once in your lifetime though and once you lose it, you might never find it back again."
It was Anson's first time at baking and besides inviting a popular chef to teach him, there were also a group of fans. It was an event to encouraged the fans that were facing great pressures in life to find back their courage and a shout out to fans to make cookies of encouragement to give to those around them that need the encouragement, to share the happiness and bliss through the biscuits. "Such encouragement cookies represent hope and happiness. Although its just a little action, I hope that my fans can live their life happily.

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