Friday, December 04, 2009

Imai Tsubasa first performance in Tokyo

Currently Imai Tsubasa is in the middle of a concert tour and performing in small to mid-size venues all around Japan. The tour is titled '☆D&R ~ an extension★ TSUBASA IMAI LHT', and Imai has just completed his first performance in Tokyo.

Tsubasa "I really got fired up on Day 1 in Tokyo★ Right from the start I gave everything I've got, so I was sweating like crazy♪ I'll continue to give myself over to the music, but also be careful not to make any mistakes! After the show I phoned my partner [Tackey; Takizawa Hideaki]♪
To fans of Tackey & Tsubasa: We're sorry for keeping you waiting for so long. We promise we'll come back again, but please wait a little while longer. I hope you haven't gotten fed up. We know there are lots of people out there like you who are waiting. We constantly feel your love, and one day we will perform again together! We really appreciate your support."

What did Tsubasa talk about over the phone with Tackey? Currently both Tsubasa and Tackey are performing as solo artists. But along with their solo careers they still consider Tackey & Tsubasa as an important part of themselves. The fans' support is a vital source of energy for them, and doubtless the fans will continue to show their love for the two artists for years to come.

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