Thursday, December 03, 2009

Taiwan's Golden Horse

Taiwan's Golden Horse winning actor Nick Cheung, last night to continue to film "informants" started shooting the film moved to the site specifically celebration party was held, and to celebrate the birthday of Ieteru. The boss Albert Yeung, manager and director Dante Lam Mani, nurseries, etc. attended.

Albert Yeung Ka Fai embrace a number of occasions, and praising his province of Liang's signs, encourage him to continue their efforts. The Mani and nursery were brought shirts, belts, implies Ieteru continue to Liangshan to winning the prize. For the boss praising, Ieteru chuckle: "One should start shooting the boss enough to Jiang over the edge of the subject matter." Jia-hui said that had experienced a golden era for Hong Kong films, although it is reduced in quantity, but I think the film's enthusiasm is not reduced, will continue to shoot high quality movies.

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