Thursday, December 03, 2009

Film "Confucius"

Epic film "Confucius" yesterday the China Millennium Monument in Beijing official website launching ceremony was held, guests included director Hu Mei, screenwriter Chan Khan, director of photography Peter Pau, starring Ren Quan and so on, at, movies for the first time released the production of up to 6 minutes special edition of the first episode "From Chow Yun-fat to Confucius."

Special edition of the Confucius would be "power" of the lens for only a few seconds, Confucius with his hands down between the wooden stick in one stroke of the dagger in the hands of the barbarians, and barbarians wooden stick in the head arrived in the throat, dimly , the Limu Bai seems to be seen in "Crouching Tiger," the shadow. The other two very special edition of memories of the place is Chow Yun-Fat as the physical manifestation of Confucius's "Six Classics" Guqin train hard and eventually pop up an ancient classical personally. In addition, in Beijing in March the cold of winter, Chow Yun Fat do not substitute for, time and again fell in the muddy water, all is to marvel at.

If the future is not wedding

Ren Quan interview was asked about the matter of marriage ten years ago, Li Bingbing, Ren Quan strongly denied that, saying that if she married, he can not possibly know, the other on Ice and the contacts to do businessman surnamed Shi said he himself to know each other, we are just ordinary friends and jokingly said: "I spoke to Bing Bing previously, if more than two years, we got the, that we forget to improvise together."

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