Wednesday, December 16, 2009

‘The Treasure Hunter’ premiered on the 9th

Emperor Motion Pictures’s action film ‘The Treasure Hunter’ premiered on the 9th of December in China. According to China Film Group’s spokesperson, the film did extremely well at box office on the first day. In just half a day, it reached $7.83million RMB, beating ‘Storm Warriors II’s $5million who was released in the same week and the previous similar genre ‘National Treasure 2’s $4million.

‘The Treasure Hunter’ is directed by Zhu Yan Ping and stars Jay Chou, Lin Chi Ling, Chen Dao Ming, Eric Tsang, Baron Chen etc. Newcomers in the film industry Jay Chou & Lin Chi Ling pairing up with veterans Chen Dao Ming & Eric Tsang have produced many sparks. Chen Dao Ming’s steady school style & Eric Tsang’s humorous and natural style have greatly helped both Jay & Lin Chi Ling to improve their acting. In the film, whether it’s raiding towers, the numerous fight scenes and the exciting scenes in the tomb, amazes viewers to a new extent. And the various desert scenary and the human insignificance in such a vast world also adds to the film’s storyline. But of course, the biggest highlights in the film are the interactions between the handsome Jay Chou & the beautiful Lin Chi Ling, while they search for treasure, avoid the enemy’s pursuit, and at the same time, spark a new love relationship.

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