Friday, December 04, 2009

UKiss comeback with a song ‘Man Man Hani’

UKiss KiBum talks about his elder brother SS501 member Kim HyungJoon.

Recently during an interview, KiBum said, “I get to see HyungJoonie hyung when our schedule overlaps at the broadcast centres. After comeback, I don’t get to see hyung for about 2 weeks. And recently on KBS Music Bank, I met with hyung.

The SS501 hyungs help us out a lot by talking about us during their interview.” SS501 was #1 on Music Bank on 20th November. UKiss was also around then. KiBum said, “I’m so happy that SS501, which hyung is in, got #1.”

But KiBum talks about his determination to do well as a singer, “I’ve been behind hyung all this while, now I want to try be ahead of him. Now I want to try be in SS501 hyung’s position.”

Meanwhile, UKiss recently had their comeback with the song ‘Man Man Hani’ and their ’strong men’ dance is popular amongst fans.

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