Thursday, December 03, 2009

Singer Wang Rong has back to South korea

Singer Wang Rong recently returned from South Korea, Beijing, in the Beijing Capital International Airport has been taken away by police investigation. Wang Rong-owned brokerage firm has confirmed the news yesterday, but said the exact cause is unknown.

Beijing Capital International Airport has been taken away by police officers

According to China Entertainment Network December 2 reported that singer Wang Rong with a "I'm not Huang Rong," became popular, Wang Rong recently launched a sexy MV "to hug." However, in the evening November 28, Wang Rong from South Korea to return to Beijing, they were withheld by the police in the capital airport. Wang Rong-owned brokerage firms Dance Jixing publicity, Mr. Sun is responsible for recognition of Wang Rong taken away by the police investigation, but he said the exact cause is still under investigation.

Wang Rong recent push the songs in the main, this incident has also been suspected to be speculation the incident. In addition to speculation, plastic surgery is also online on the survey Rong-another guess. In August of this year, a return from South Korea's "housewife cosmetic group" at the Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, the police withheld because of all of the significant differences between appearance and passport-size photographs. Wang Rong This time South Korea's OK, but also through the training of argument is the name of plastic surgery. The reason why the airport in the capital, are retained, but also because the passport photo and a larger gap between the I rise to suspicion of the officers of the border, it was taken away for investigation.

Wang Rong in his blog, also posted the latest photo shoot in South Korea, the photo before the show is not related to the image of Wang Rong has a great difference. In addition to sharpen the chin, and eyes, and in the past has been very different. However, Wang Rong of the brokerage firm denied the plastic surgery rumors lucky star dance, today said it would give the public a detailed account of Wang Rong hope not to unnecessary suspicion.

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