Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Wonder Girls first album in US soon

The Wonder Girls, who are currently in the US, will be introducing their first album in US soon. With Dave Steward and company invited to join in the production of this album, it is due to be released in February 2010.

On 5 Dec US time, US’ famous music producer Dave Steward posted a photo of him and the Wonder Girls on twitter in the production of their album, and introduced his collaboration with the Wonder Girls , “Always Without Me”, to be released in the Wonder Girl’s US debut album.

The representative of JYPE has also acknowledged the fact of this collaboration, and that the Wonder Girls feel honored to be able to work with Dave, and has decided to make this album one of their best. The representative also revealed that the Wonder Girls are currently working very hard for this album in the US, and is due to be released in February 2010.

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