Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling MV hit song "I'm fine, what about you?"

Cyndi Wang Xin Ling filmed the MV for her 3rd hit song "I'm fine, what about you?" in her newly released album "H2H (心電心)" and invited newcomer actor Wang Bo Chieh from "Winds of September" to star in the MV and act together. The MV depicts a touching story of how two lovers are faced with a crossroad in life and has no choice but to separate. The two of them had an outstanding performance and Wang Bo Chieh got so agitated that he kept banging the walls while Cyndi's crying scenes show her almost makeup-less. She was so involved that she cried for nearly an hour and the producer nearby also couldn't help but start crying. The director Bi Mi Jia kept muttering good and expressed that he hopes to cut a mini movie clip instead.
Cyndi also revealed that when she was talking with her close female friends, they unanimously agreed that when woman breakup with their boyfriends, there will be three types of greatest pain and they're "Having to change your king-size bed's bedsheet by yourself. The mattress isn't something a woman can lift by herself.", "At night, your ceiling's lights suddenly start flashing. You're scared but you can only change it by yourself.", "Living alone by yourself in an unfamiliar place. When you fall sick, there's no one to take care of you!"

During the filming day, Cyndi and Bo Chieh immediately had intimate scenes after they first met. The director Bi Mi Jia planned several sweet actions that happen between couples such as the two going horse riding and fighting, sharing a bowl of noodles and even intimate actions on the bed. The original plan was just for touch and go actions. In one particular room scene, the director's initial arrangement was that the two will lie on bed to portray the sweet moments that take place between couples and Bo Chieh will slowly move towards Cyndi. The two will then stare deeply into each others' eyes. The director suddenly said "Bo Chieh, move closer. Even closer. Kiss Cyndi.". This shocked the two of them who had no mental preparation for a kiss. Although they still tried to appear calm and continue on with the performance, when Bo Chieh really moved to kiss Cyndi, she ended up bursting out in laughters. "We just met. This is really embarrassing!" After that scene, Bo Chieh told Cyndi that "I'm actually more embarrass and nervous because its my first on-screen kiss..." Cyndi also went red in the face and shyly said "Its my first kiss in an MV too! But I took his first screen kiss, how should I make it up to him!"

The highlight of the story was when the male had to painfully select breaking up in order to fulfil his dreams. He had a emotional breakdown. The female chose to let him chase after his dreams and held back her tears as she watched the male leave. After he left though, she broke down in tears." The director arranged for Bo Chieh to try out the scene first and Cyndi wanted to get more into the situation so she silently entered the shooting area even without touching up on her make up. She sat at the side watching quietly but surprisingly, after Bo Chieh tried the scene once, Cyndi already started having tears in her eyes. The director was so stunned and had to keep comforting her and pull back the two of them from their intense emotions. When the actual filming began, the two of them immediately had great performances that caused the workers present to tear too. The director was so touched that he couldn't bear to shout "cut" and that scene lasted for nearly 7-8 minutes. Afterwards, he frustratedly expressed "This song is only 3minutes and slightly more. Every scene is so well acted. How should I cut?! I really want to cut a short clip that's 15minutes long instead. Its the two of them's fault for acting so well!"

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