Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yoga Lin's new album

Yoga Lin's new album has been selling very well and his good mood has led to him having a larger appetite now. After two months of promotion, his weight has rose by 3kg and the originally loose publicity outfit is seemingly tight now. This threw his music company into a panic, calling for him to control his food intake and stop "eating all that you see".

Last month, when Yoga was attending events, he weighted roughly 64kg and even joked that he hope to be able to progress towards a "healthy" 70kg. This plan is in the midst of being achieved but just a gain of 3kg has already resulted in the music company calling for a stop. Yoga has been busy with his album promotion and his exercising time has thus been compromised. His appetite has also greatly increased and he will now occasionally eat two hamburgers a meal, scaring the workers. They kept warning him that he must at least wait till his promotion period has ended before gaining weight or the 30 promotion clothes that were specially made will no longer be able to fit.

To prevent his weight from continuing to rise, Yoga Lin has been making use of the free time between promotion to kick jianzi in the company, doing some sports. Privately, Yoga tends to stay at home more and he has been making use of the blender his mom gave him to make juice, so that he can control his diet without any lost of nutrients. He laughed and said that the blender was publicised as "able to blend anything". He originally planned on using it to make pumpkin soup but because of his poor culinary skills, he has given up. "I once tested the true abilities of the blender. I dumped enokitake and cabbage inside to try to blend before and it wasn't able to crush them up at all."
All the people present who heard this story had no idea whether they should laugh or cry over Yoga's dedicated experimenting spirit.

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