Saturday, December 05, 2009

Votes for Yahoo! 2009 Asia Buzz Award have ended

Million Stars’ Aska Yang, Dennis Sun and Jam Hsiao took the first three places for the male category, beating out Wang Lee Hom, Show Luo and Jay Chou. “Dove King” Aska Yang and “Master Jing” Zhang Yun Jing respectively took Taiwan polls’ first place for the male and female categories. On December 11th, both artistes will come to receive their awards.

18 days into the polls, many artiste management companies received invitations to appear at the awards ceremony. But because of “lacking” voting results for their artistes, companies refused the invitations. Yahoo announced: “On the 11th, we will also give out awards in categories not determined by voting so we invited many artistes. To this point, we cannot confirm who will come.” Yahoo also stated that they strongly hoped for Aska Yang and Zhang Yun Jing to come. This would be the first time for the popularity kings /queens of “One Million Star” and “Super Idol” to be on the same stage.

But what caused controversy was that the Yahoo polls did not limit the number of votes netizens had. Each netizen could vote once every hour for their idol. A high percentage of Aska Yang’s fans are die-hard fans. Wouldn’t there be a misrepresentation in votes because of these fans? Yahoo stated: “Even if fans use all their 24 votes allocated to that day (one day has 24 hours, one vote per hour), that would still indicate that the artiste has a lot of charisma.”

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