Saturday, January 09, 2010

New drama "Tokujo Kabachi/特上カバチ!!"

Arashi member Sho Sakurai and actress Maki Horikita attended the press release conference for the new drama "Tokujo Kabachi/特上カバチ!!" in Tokyo a few days ago. The character played by Horikita, an administrative scrivener, is quite "S" and always torments the character of Sakurai. "It is my first challenge to a character of an aggressive career woman." commented Horikita. "She becomes 'S' gradually during the hard work. She feels better when she is more dominant than others." she said with a quick grin.

And Sakurai introduced himself with "This is Sakurai with the masochistic face". The colleague actor Kenichi Endo commented Sakurai's character: "Last time, Arashi appeared in a singing program, and I thought Sho-kun was going to sing. But suddenly he rapped fluently. I was shocked. Though my character in the drama is always angry (with Sho-kun), I admire him a lot." On the other hand, Sakurai mentioned his experience with senior actors with his eyes sparkling: "I don't have a lot of experience in playing with many seniors. I feel quite fresh with Endo-san, Katsumi Takahashi-san, and Masatoshi Nakamura-san. And I have learned a lot from them in a joyful way."

Horikita said jokingly: "Though it is my first time to play with Sakurai-san, Tamura (Sakurai) and Misuzu (Horikita) hate each other in the drama, I try to be unlovely in the always." "It's totally not like this! We couldn't stop laughing in the spot!" Sakurai explained quickly. According to the title of drama, Horikita was asked about the "Tokujo/特上"(premium) experience recently, "It's quite not that luxury yet. I drink tea in a champagne glass. Some one sent me a set of superfine glasses, but I don't drink alcohol in home and I don't want to waste it..." answered Horikita.

additional info: Arashi provides the drama's theme song, title is "Troublemaker".

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