Saturday, January 09, 2010

Show Luo’s new album "Rashomon"

For Show Luo’s new album "Rashomon", the first single “The Leading Role” is a song about the competitive mentality both men and women get towards pursuing love. A Leo in the zodiac, Show has also been overwhelmed with many emotions towards love, admitting that when he was younger he had a “manly” mentality that cost him several opportunities for relationships.

Show felt that when he was younger he was too manly and this has left him with some regrets towards his love life. He said, “I have become much more mature now and have learned that by being less rambunctious I can learn much more about life.” He hopes that he can soon find the person to snag the “leading role” in his love life.

Show will be releasing his 7th album “Rashomon” on January 15th. His company, Gold Typhoon, has spent 8 million yuan on his promotions without hesitation. Though we previously showed you the MV and reported that he went all the way to New York to film it, we didn’t tell you who he worked with! Turns out they especially invited the producer for “Sex and the City”, actor Ethan Hawke’s makeup artist, singer Alicia Keys’s lighting division, as well as an Oscar-winning animation team all to create the MV for his “Love’s Center Stage” single. The work really paid off as there were some incredible CGI effects at the beginning of the music video!

In addition to an all-star production team, Show even traveled to New York’s Harlem district, becoming the first Taiwanese artist to ever book the New York Opera house to film a music video. He was deeply honored to be able to receive this honor from such a prestigious place, but said that this made him more jittery and nervous during the filming process, giving him more pressure to do well than for any other one of his music videos. Not wanting to be seen as a joke in an unfamiliar place, Show encouraged his dancers to do their very best so that they could have a perfect performance and show the foreigners that he is a force to be reckoned with.

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