Thursday, January 07, 2010

News and rating : Autumn's Concerto

It was a big night for the hit drama Autumn's Concerto this past Sunday as average ratings hit 7.76%, even surpassing the 7.35% achieved by My Queen starring Cheryl Yang and Ethan Ruan. Famous producer Chai Zhi-Ping (柴智屏), who cast the then unknown Van Ness Wu in Meteor Garden, previously criticized Autumn's Concerto for resembling the famous prime-time soap Blue Spider Web. Van Ness Wu came out on top in the ratings battle against her show Hi! My Sweetheart, and also leads the way among dramas starring F4 members. Interval ratings for Autumn's Concerto peaked at 8.86%, compared to 4.8% for Vic Chou’s Black & White, 4.2% for Jerry Yan’s Hot Shot and 3.38% for Ken Chu’s Momo Love.

After episode 13 of Autumn Concerto aired 2 weeks ago, many questions were raised when Ady An's character was told that her son cannot have a transfusion from those related by blood. Despite controversies surrounding the medical reference, viewers were already hooked and came back to watch the next episode last Sunday. Episode 14 reached its climax when Van Ness Wu’s character regained his memory and found out what others have been trying to hide from him. Viewers were impressed by his acting, as he showcased different depths of emotions upon realizing his past and his confrontation with Ady An.

Van Ness Wu is currently taking a break in the US and was thrilled to hear about the ratings. He was hesitant to accept the role at first as the drama requires acting with a lot of emotions. He took on the challenge anyway but viewers criticized his acting style for being “too soft” prior to the character's memory lost. Van Ness Wu was complimented for his performance on Sunday’s episode. Viewers commented that his sudden persona reversal was cool and exciting, while others worried that it might be a disaster in the making. All eyes are on Autumn's Concerto to see if it will break the previous ratings record of 13.83% in ratings set by Ethan Ruan’s “Fated to Love You”.

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