Thursday, January 07, 2010

Singer Lee Hyori comeback

It has been known that comeback date for singer Lee Hyori will be pushed back a little.

Initally it was planned for Hyori to release her 4th album end-January but it has been revealed that she will have her comeback a little later in February. She is currently very busy preparing for this new album. Much effort to make the comeback a perfect one has delayed the comeback date.

A staff told Newsen, “Currently Lee Hyori is working very hard to prepare for her new album. She has been working on the the album after coming back from New York where she had gone to seek the album cosncept inspirations last year.”

“She has not been very active except for ‘Family Outing’ after her previous 3rd album promotions ended, there are plans for her to be more active this year.”

Meanwhile Hyori has won the DaeSang at the SBS Entertainment awards on 30th December with Yoo JaeSeok for her participation in ‘Family Outing’.

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