Saturday, January 23, 2010

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Lately TVB has been taking in the "gossip wave" one after another! After the non-resolving issue with HKRIA, the has decided not to let TVB broadcast their award presentation, but gave the right to ATV instead. Looks like TVB stars in the film Michael Tse and Fala Chen will appear on ATV!

had always allowed TVB to broadcast their show in the recent years. Last year the broadcast right contract ended, this year for the renewal, it was based on the price. In the end, ATV successfully won the right to broadcast.

Reporters contacted ATV's Production Vice President (Cheng Wai Keung) to clarify the news, he expressed: "Correct. We have already signed the contract, in the next few days we will be having meetings on the ceremony production. (Has the guests been decided yet?) We will invite a group of HK stars and Taiwanese artists Lin Zhi Ling and Da S. Da S will definitely help out. For HK, we really hope to invite movie stars like Chow Yun Fat and Cherie Chung to be the award presenters."

It is known that Hong Kong Film Awards will hold a press conference on February 9th to announce the finalists and the change of broadcast stations news. Qualifying finalists only include movies that released between January 1, 2009 - December 31, 2009. Last year's Shaw Brother/TVB film had received satisfying box office sales and feedback, there is a good chance that they will be a finalist. With the broadcast right turned over to ATV, the group of TVB stars including Michael Tse, Fala Chen and Koni Lui will end up appearing on ATV instead. However, if they do not attend, then it seems as if they aren't giving face to the HK Film Awards, its hard both ways. Eason Chan and Kay Tse both have contracts with TVB as well and is believe to face the same dilemma.

TVB Executive (Ho Lai Cheung) expressed: "This year a change in broadcast rights, I know ATV's price offer is attractive, it is not a bad thing that each television station can take turns broadcasting."

Actually in 2007, TVB lost the broadcast right for Hong Kong Film Awards before. It was said that back then, the HK Film Awards Chairman felt that TVB's price offer was not as good as i-Cable's offer, so they gave i-Cable the broadcast right. Since TVB had enough viewers supporting them, perhaps HK Film Awards held a poll or meeting and finally decided to let TVB broadcast in the end.

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