Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Jay Chou : updated news

Beijing Jiu Zhou Culture Communication Co., Ltd, general manager Tian Jing Quan yesterday happily confirmed that Jay Chou’s self-directed drama ‘Pandamen’ will begin broadcasting on all the major television stations in China beginning from January 17th. Last month, Jay had rushed back to Taiwan to re-film some scenes, and less than 2 weeks after that, the airing permit has finally been granted. Rumours suggest that China’s SARFT is giving special treatment to Asia’pop King but yesterday, Tian Jing Quan laughed: “There weren’t really any problems in the first place, some editing was not done smoothly, but now everything is complete, so it’s been approved.”

But it’s also because of the name ‘Jay Chou’ that as soon as the airing permit for ‘Pandamen’ was granted, mainland China’s 8 major television stations and 4 Home Satellite channels immediately tossed their original series broadcast aside, and changed to ‘Pandamen’ as 2010’s biggest drama! From January 17th, Shan Dong, Guang Zhou, Beijing & Shanghai will first broadcast, and then from February 2nd, Jiang Su, Zhe Jiang, Chong Qing & Shen Zhen will then broadcast. The premiere event is set to be on January 28th or 29th. However, Taiwan’s side previously did not want to set a date until the airing permit was granted, and now the broadcast date has temporarily been delayed to April.

Recently, Jay Chou has just finished promoting his film ‘The Treasure Hunter’, and his Hollywood film ‘The Green Hornet’ has also wrapped up. Currently, he is busy preparing for his new album. JVR expressed that ‘Pandamen’ means very much to Jay, and so he will definitely co-operate with all promotional activities. Yesterday, Tian Jing Quan also expressed that ‘Pandamen’ total costs are estimated to be $25million rmb (NT$1200million). It is the cross-strait (China & Taiwan) collaboration drama with the highest production costs to date, and there will definitely be grand premiere events!

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