Thursday, January 07, 2010

News on : ‘Autumn’s Concerto’

Tiffany Hsu & boyfriend Ethan Ruan’s relationship is very stable. Earlier, in SETTV idol drama ‘Autumn’s Concerto’, she had a scene where she wears a wedding dress, and cries for almost half an hour, and afterwards was unable to stop!

Tiffany said that she was too immersed in the scene, and so she couldn’t stop crying: “On my wedding day, I will probably hug my mum and cry non-stop!” Tiffany also has fantasies about her own wedding going for the Western-style route; getting married in a church and inviting all her friends & family to attend the ceremony.

This year, Tiffany spent New Years on the roof at a ‘friend’s house, while watching the 101 fireworks. Currently, Vanness Wu is in America & Ady An is in China. ‘Autumn’s Concerto’ ratings reached 6.64 last week but second male lead Chris Wu is yet to fulfil his diving promise. SETTV expressed that they want to get all the cast together, and will definitely not break their promise.

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