Thursday, January 07, 2010

TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards

Next Saturday (Jan 16th) is TVB's Jade Solid Gold Music Awards. However, HKRIA, which is formed by four major record companies due to royalities issues against TVB, is still unable to reach an agreement with TVB. It is predicted that Eason Chan, Hacken Lee, Kay Tse, Hins Cheung, Fiona Sit, and others from the four record labels will not be attending the award ceremony. It will definitely reduce the number of stars and entertainment for that night. TVB had failed to make a compromise and even disallowed music videos from the four companies to be broadcasted on other TV stations.

It is understood that in the past, TVB allowed artists to shoot their individual music videos to be broadcasted on TVB. However, due to the financial crisis last year, if artists wanted to promote their songs on TVB, expenses will not be covered by TVB, but by the record companies themselves.

The four companies have no choice but to accept, so they decided to give the music videos to other broadcasting channels. However, under the TVB singer contract, music videos are only allowed to be broadcasted on TVB channels. If any violation of the contract is found, action will be taken. Therefore, music videos for the four companies are temporarily stopped. Eason Chan and Kay Tse's new music videos will be filmed with financies from their own companies. They have to film it so they can maintain their revenues made from karaokes.

Hins Cheung, MR, TVB's "son-in-law" Hacken Lee and Jason Chan are greatly affected because they lost promotion chances on TVB and are not allowed to promote on other channels.

Because of the loss of songs to be promoted, most of TVB's promoted songs are from EEG singers. Gillian Chung's comeback song 《心多》 and Sherman Chung's 《從前流淚光》 are broadcasted day and night. Even this week's Hit Song is Charlene's 《放得低》. Other songs that made it on the charts were from artists under EEG and East Asia Music. Because Eason Chan, Kay Tse, Jason Chan, and others did not film their music videos with TVB, they do not even have chances to compete on the chart.

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