Tuesday, January 26, 2010

News on : [Down With Love]

F4 members, Jerry Yan and Vanness Wu will be competing with each other directly on 31 Jan 2010 in their respective idol drama. With Wu starring in TTV and SET’s idol drama, [Autumn Concerto] still maintaining a viewership rating of 7, and CTS’s [Hi My Sweetheart] with a recent peak of 5 for its rating, CTV and GTV are set to expand their publicity outreach for [Down With Love]. On 25 Jan 2010, the two TV stations will spend another NT$1,500,000 for advertisements at 10 bus-stops along Renai Road, Taipei. The advertisements will showcase the photos of [DWL]’s love story.

GTV specially selected bus-stops along the route, beginning from The National Dr Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall to Lin Sen South Road. Each bus-stop will feature a different themed-Jerry and Ella’s love story in [DWL]. Members of the public can take photos with the advertisements and upload them onto their blogs. They can send their webpage links via MSN or to the [DWL] forum, and stand to win the autographed character photos from the male and female leads.

[Down With Love] will be shown on 31 Jan 2010. With the ongoing fierce viewership rating fights and especially with [Hi] showing its last episode on 31 Jan, the TV stations are definitely doing their best to publicize their drama via all channels.

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