Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2AM’s album delay again

It’s been confirmed that 2AM’s album has been delayed.

I know you’re all thinking, “But it’s out already!” and you would be right, except it’s only been released online. Not a single physical copy has been released to the public yet.

The reason? The members weren’t satisfied with the photoshoot for the jacket cover, and they decided to discard it.

Leader Jo Kwon said, “Our fans have been waiting a long time for our comeback and we know that. We want to give them the best quality content we have to offer. We know that it’s frustrating to have delays like this, but please wait just a little longer.”

2AM has already begun their promotions and they are doing very well so there isn’t much to worry about, but with a certain nine member girl group set to comeback this week, things might get shaken up.

Because album sales take up a good portion of the voting process for music shows, if 2AM doesn’t get their album out in stores they have little chance of beating out SNSD’s Oh! Good luck to 2AM!

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