Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shoo promoting her single album

Shoo (real name Yoo Su-young, 29), who was a member of the group S.E.S., is getting married to her basketball player boyfriend Lim Hyo-sung this April.

Shoo’s family and Lim’s family will meet for the first time this weekend, and they will fix the wedding date as Lim’s basketball game schedule wraps up.

On January 25, Shoo said via her close friend, “Both of us think April is the perfect timing for the wedding because the professional basketball season will finish in the middle of April. However, it is not easy to set a date for our wedding at the meeting of the bride's and groom's families." Shoo added, “We might rearrange our wedding schedule because Lim’s basketball team has the possibility of advancing to the finals."

Shoo released her single album as a solo singer after the breakup of S.E.S. and is currently promoting the title song “Self Only.”

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