Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taiwan Golden Bell Awards 2009

Despite losing the Best Actor Award to his Black & White co-star Mark Chao at the 2009 Taiwan Golden Bell Awards, it seems like Vic Zhou is getting the last laugh (all the way to the bank) with advertisers coming a-knocking on his door. Since his role in the hit police and thief drama series, the 28-year-old has scored numerous accolades and praise for his markedly improved acting skills, and is a hit with advertisers.

He recently inked a deal with a convenience store to become the newest face for ‘Oden’ (a Japanese winter dish consisting of several ingredients stewed in a light, soy-flavoured broth), replacing Mark who fronted a campaign for the same convenience store’s brand of coffee last year. Reports also said that Vic is pocketing S$50,000 more than his co-star’s previous partnership with the store.

In addition, Vic traveled to Thailand at the start of the New Year with Haden Kuo to shoot a new shampoo commercial for Rejoice Shampoo, which is said to land him a cool $10 million paycheck.

In an interview last Sunday, Vic’s manager declined to reveal the actor’s total earnings from his various advertorial deals. He commented on Mark’s previous partnership with the convenience store and said, “These are different products. The clients also really love Vic.”

When questioned if he had tried the brand of coffee endorsed by Mark, Vic only smiled and refused to reply, further reinforcing the talk of a hostile relationship between the two actors.

Besides his commercial deals, Vic’s schedule is currently packed to the brim with two upcoming movies and a 20-episode drama series. He is expected to earn a total of S$1.25 million in the first half of 2010.

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