Saturday, January 09, 2010

Upcoming film “72 Tenants”

Earlier in the week, Eric Tsang revealed that for the TVB artists who had cameos in the upcoming film “72 Tenants,” TVB only gave them a small amount of money in a red envelope along with with a strip of paper with the words “Endless Thanks” (無言感激), implying that TVB was being harsh. It was indicated that Derek Kwok, who had a cameo in the film, only received 2000HKD when his pay is usually 20,000HKD.

Yesterday, Derek Kwok clarified that the salary he got for “72 Tenants” was more than 2000HKD. He states: “Perhaps there were too many people this time around, plus it was only a small cameo, not many scenes. I just took it as I’m helping the company out by only receiving a red envelope…to me, it’s acceptable.” He indicated that inside the envelope, there was indeed a strip of paper with the words “Endless Thanks” (無言感激), but there was also money in it. Derek continued to say: “I didn’t have many scenes and didn’t have to do any re-takes later on, so I’m not sure if other artists in the movie had some concerns (over the pay).”

Roger Kwok, who didn’t participate in the filming of “72 Tenants,” said: “I don’t know the details, but maybe next time, they could use a “bonus” type of method – no one gets salary, they only get bonuses. But this is only my suggestion…I believe the chances (of this happening) are very slim.”

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