Saturday, January 09, 2010

News on : ‘Down With Love’

Jerry Yan breaks through his idol image for GTV’s new idol drama ‘Down With Love’, wearing a singlet while standing next to Ella; they look just like a newly-married couple. In real life, Jerry also likes to dress simple. He often goes out wearing just a T-shirt, and loose sports pants. He smiled saying: “This way, it’s easy & it feels comfortable.”

In the drama, Ella plays a nanny, and has many scenes with Jerry inside the home. The 2 live under the same roof, and gradually develop feelings for each other. Taking a break from filming, the 2 took playful photos while wearing simple everyday clothes. Under Ella’s lead, Jerry made many cute funny faces, immediately transforming from a handsome cool man to a cute big boy.

Due to his busy work schedule, Jerry doesn’t have time to take sticker photos. As for Ella, she is a big fan of sticker photos, and in the past, she would often take them together with her good friends. But now, she doesn’t go as often as before: “Now, my room is full of SHE's sticker photos, and on my refrigerator, there are also ones of me and my older sister.” Jerry & Ella have become good friends after filming, and during filming, Jerry would suddenly put on a strange voice, or take the initiative to add new lines, making Ella having to think of clever ways to reply, again displaying their good friendship.

‘Down With Love’ will air its Behind The Scenes on January 17th at 10pm. On January 20th, they will hold a grand Asia-Pacific premiere event. Besides Jerry & Ella, the rest of the cast will also attend. Because Jerry & Ella’s work schedules are very full, the production unit specially created human cut-outs of them, and these will be displayed on the streets of Taipei. As long as fans take a photo with the human cut-out, they will have the chance to win special prizes.

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