Monday, February 08, 2010

Bosco Wong new mv

In the recent year, Bosco Wong has been developing his career in all three industries - movies, music, television. The night before, he was in Central shooting for the MV to his new song overnight. Bosco was dressed as a hot guy dancing and singing on the streets by Statue Square. Taking advantage of the break time in between filming, he took the opportunity to rehearse the dance moves with his dancers. Once the staff members went forward to help him fix his make-up, he would take out the lyrics to memorize. He had a very serious attitude for the filming of this MV.

Although Bosco's dancing has always been rather stiff, but for him to have no dance background, it is pretty good. Also, the director arranged a famous brand name sports car and a sexy model to shoot with Bosco, he is seriously getting fortune!

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