Monday, February 08, 2010

Li Bingbing won the Best actress

Mainland actress Li Bingbing graced the cover of Vogue February issue, Taiwan. Li Bingbing won the Best actress title at the 46th Golden Horse Awards in Taipei 2009 for her performance in the spy thriller film 'The Message'.

In an accompanying interview with the magazine, the actress played down the excitement of winning over the prize.

"I believe in destiny. You get what you deserve and lose what's not yours. So I don't ask too much in life and won't be affected by things around me."

The actress recalled her thrill at the award-winning moment but revealed she was quite clear in mind, whether she won it or not, she was still herself.

Li Bingbing, who once called herself a "later bloomer", has been in the industry for over a decade but was not as highly influential figure as she is today until she took home the best actress title for 'Yun Shui Yao' or 'The Ballad of Cloud and Water' in 2008.

The actress is now using her present stardom to influence and give back more to society. She assumed the Green Ambassador of China Environmental Protection Foundation a couple of years ago and has done a great deal in promoting public awareness of environmental protection.

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