Monday, February 08, 2010

Joey Yung autograph session her new album

Yesterday Joey Yung held an autograph session for her new album, the organizers arranged a few men for her to choose disguised as a dancing guy like MJ, a gentleman and a muscular guy. In the end, Joey chose the fake MJ, she said: "I decided that I want a Dance King, I like men that can dance because I used to dream of dating MJ often." Joey once thought about developing a love relationship with a westerner: "My appearance is a little weird, the westerner can easily accept, but Asians I don't really like. There was one guy I met while working that was quite intimate with me, but maybe I am thinking too much!"

Towards fans hoping that she can quickly get marry and have kids in the next 10 years, Joey laughed: "I'll get skin disease! Body figure won't get get back to normal after giving birth, but for Fans to give me so much support, I guess I'll just have to do it! I really like children, but I really have to find someone first. My mother is not worried about me, she already gave up on me. The responsibility of having children is left to my little brother." She expressed that she never felt desperate for marriage: "I want to wait 2 more years. Never know, I can suddenly secretly go for a lightening marriage and have kids too. At that time, I will keep it low, won't announce it until the Media discovers the news and comes to ask me about it."

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