Monday, February 08, 2010

S.H.E releasing 12th album

S.H.E will be releasing their 12th album after the Lunar New Year. Meanwhile, one of the recorded songs was revealed – a duet with Judy Zhou Ding Wei. For the sake of their junior, the trio has publicly performed this song with Judy recently during the recording of [Mi Gu Celebrity College] programme, where Judy was one of the short-listed celebrities amongst the top ten.

As both parties were busy with their work and had little or no time to come together for practice, Judy could only rely on listening to his iPod and singing on his own whenever he is free in Beijing. He shared, “I am so nervous not because I have to sing this song. But rather because I am singing with my seniors, S.H.E and I fear my performance will be lacking.”

On the other hand, S.H.E is full of praise for their junior and even asked who he would choose as his girlfriend. In response, he said, “Of course Ella, because I’ve recently acted in [Down With Love] as her boyfriend. But my role in the drama is a bad guy who ditched his girlfriend and ended up being scolded badly by the audience.” In his opinion, Selina is like a elder sister with a kind of “mature beauty”, while Hebe is more like a sister-cum-girl-friend.

S.H.E specially flew to Beijing to sing a duet with Judy; in turn, he specially prepared the Peking Duck and healthy hotpot for them, which successfully won their hearts.

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