Sunday, March 14, 2010

1st Japanese album titled “Thank You” from C.N Blue

Band C.N Blue will release their 1st Japanese album titled “Thank You” this coming March 20,2010 in Shibuya’s Club Quattro. The place will be open from 17.00 local time whilst the event will start from 18.00 local time. The album will cost the fans around 3000 yen (in tax) as their official Japanese site wrote.

C.N Blue company FNC Music,”The band will also throw an Encore concert on April 16 in one of the most popular live music locations in Japan-Tokyo Ebisu Liquid Room. And the whole 1000 tickets were sold out”, he said on March 12.

C.N Blue Live Encore concert is held under the title “CNBLUE 1st Album Release Live Encore ~Special Thanks~” and cost the fans 4500 yen to enter the event.

After recently went on debut with their album ‘Bluetory’ and busy with their domestic activities, now the C.N Blue members are busy preparing for their performance in Japan. C.N Blue was active in Japan since last year and has released 2 single albums in the country.

Meanwhile, after their Japan activity, C.N Blue will be back to the local music industry on April 2010.

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