Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sammi Cheng MV creation worldwide recruit

An online gaming website had recently broadcasted two worldwide exclusive special programs of Sammi's concert, which had great response from fans. In view of this, internet users then again support Sammi in holding "Sammi Cheng MV creation worldwide recruit". As Sammi had said, "Every single song has a very extraordinary significance to me, each song was personally picked by me, I have very deep feelings for them! I really hope "Faith, Hope, Love" can become a part of everyone's life, and feel the message within."

Sammi recalls, "The song 'Amen' was sang by a group of homeless children when I visited Monoglia, listening to them singing made me developed very strong feelings, thinking that they have no permanent home and family, and had to live in temporary shelters. But as they sang this song, it really let others feel their lives have once again rekindle hope." Sammi will be the judge for all the contest entries, personally selecting the best creation to be "Amen"s official MV with an award of $7000HKD for the winning contestant.

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