Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7th Korean Music Awards

Album of the year= Seoul Ensemble (‘Life is Strange’)
Song of the year= S0 Nyeo Shi Dae (‘Gee’)
Musician of the year=Seoul Emsemble
Newcomer of the year=Guckkasten, Apollo 18
Best rock album=Seoul Ensemble(‘Life is Strange’)
Best rock song=Guckkasten(‘Mirror’)
Best modern rock album=Black Skirts(‘201′)
Best modern rock song=Broccolli You Too(‘Letter song’)
Best pop album=Lee Sora(7th album)
Best pop song=Lee Sora(‘Track8′)
Best dance and electronic album=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Sound-G’)
Best dance and electronic song=Brown Eyed Girls(‘Abracadabra’)
Best rap and hiphop album=Drunken Tiger(‘Feel gHood Muzik:The 8th Wonder’)
Best rap and hiphop song=San Ee(‘Rap Genius’)
Best R&B & Soul album=Radi(‘Real Collabo’)
Best R&B & Soul song=Jung Yeop(‘You Are My Lady’)
Best jazz & crossover jazz album=Song YeongJoo(‘Love Never Fails’)
Best jazz & crossover crossover album=Park JooWon(‘집시의 시간’)
Best jazz & crossover jazz album best performance=Kim Chaek&Jung JaeIl(‘The Methodologies’)
Best movie TV music=’Mother’
Netizens’ choice male artiste=Jung Yeop
Netizens’ choice female artiste=Baek JiYoung
Netizens’ choice group=So Nyeo Shi Dae
Committee special award=Shim SungRak
Achievement award=Jo Dong Jin

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