Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Gillian Chung Autograph session

Gillian Chung held her solo EP "Everyone Bounce" Autograph session which won a lot of fans support. Ng Yu presented a moutain bike for Gillian to tell her to "keep moving forward" while Mani gave her a feul pump to tell her that everyone in the company is cheering on for her. During the celebration, Gillian sang, dance, played games w/ the fans and also took the opportunity to shout out for Twins' concert that will be held in April. The fans were screaming for enthusiasm. Gillian happily said that she has confidence and said "I would like to thank the fans for the support". Gillian also mentioned that she was a bit worried before, and never thought so many fans would show up for her.

When asking about the combining of albums, Gillian mentioned that she did not know until she read the news. Gillian then said that they only had a short amount of time to release a Twins' album and her own solo EP and many fans requested for a Twins' album. Gillian said that she was away for two months and the EP was postponed for two months, so it's a 2 for 1 special for the fans. Then Gillian said that she has the confidence to release albums in the future.

Gillian had just finished filming for her drama. Then the media commented on Gillian's weight gain. Gillian admitted that she gain weight and couldn't be on a diet while filming her drama because of the cold weather. Then she said that she will do exercise and go on a diet so she can be fit for the Twins concert. Then the reporter asked if she will do injections and she said no.

The reporter asked if Gillian was worried that Charlene's marriage exposure will cause negative conflict to Twins' concert. Gillian stressed "I fully support all her decisions. I feel that in life everyone will encounter a lot of unhappy situations, but every situation can give you more strength and make you grow up, however, it already happened.. so let it be. I'll support her, because during my lowest point, everyone in my company, family, friends and a lot of people were supporting me, that's how I got the power to stand back up. I never knew I would have this day, to film movies, have concerts, and come out w/ albums. It's because people were supportive of me thus making me not give up. I will support Charlene, she is my other half!"

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