Friday, March 19, 2010

Charlene Choi attending a promotion activity

Charlene Choi (Ah Sa) disclosed yesterday that she and Ronald Cheng have ended their 6 years love affairs. Ah Sa was in Beijing attending a promotion activity for the movie "Beauty On Duty" yesterday. The reporters kept asking her whether she has accepted Ronald's proposal? Ah Sa was in flood of tears and she told the reporters that they have in fact split up for a while. However, Ah Sa said they are still friends.

Yesterday, a magazine reported that Ah Sa and Ronald secretly got married in Los Angeles in 2006, parents from both of them attended the wedding ceremony. iT gave everybody a shock to hear that they have split up. Ah Sa said "We have split up for a while. We didn't intend to bring it to the open, but there have been so many rumors about us recently. I feel I have to clarify our relationship now. We have separated because we have understood each other so well, not because of a third person or the wedding rumor. We have good memories together and we are still friends." As Sa was in tears and she added "This is the last time I will talk about my person affairs. I have split up with him for a long time and I hope the media don't portray us as a happy couple. We are not together anymore." The reporters were all stunned after hearing that. Afterwards, some reporters contacted Ronald who was in Chengdu to clarify if it is true that he and Ah Sa have separated, Ronald told the reporter it is true that they have split up a long time ago and they are still friends.

Ah Sa and Ronald were working on the movie "Sniper August 15" in 2004. They were dating underground for a while. It was not a good start because Ronald has been in trouble for being drunken and disorderly. Ah Sa has been busy working on her own since "Twins" were disbanded. They didn't spend a lot of time together. Also because they were seeing each other secretly, they could only spend time together staying indoors. Most of the time were spent at home watching DVD or out some where far away from the crowd for dinner or to watch a movie.

Ronald spends a lot of time abroad, but Ah Sa often knows his where about. If she can't find him, she gets very jealous and upset. That is why last year, Ronald made a point of talking about his girl friend in public. He also mentioned about getting married. Even recently, when he had a magazine interview, he still maintained that he is saving up to get married. There was another rumor that Ah Sa had thought about getting married to him, but she is not 100% confident about their relationship. Since the Edison Chan/Gillian Chung's (Ah Gill) sex scandal, Ah Sa has learned how to protect herself. Ah Sa and Ronald started having different directions and goals in life, leading to their separation.

In January, Ah Sa had an interview by MingPao. She gave some hints about the state of their relationship, but did not reveal that they have split up. She said she has discovered that there are more important things in her life than love and relationship. She was hoping to change her lifestyle. Last month, Ah Sa and Ah Gill were guests in Stephen Chan's "Be My Guest". Stephen asked her if she is worried that her boyfriend had a lot of history of love affairs? Ah Sa said "He wouldn't be my boyfriend if he is flirting around. But everyone has a history, so is he and so am I. Nobody is perfect. The most important thing is whether we can get along well together."

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