Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jay Chou going America

Earlier, there were media reports about Jay Chou & the latest new ‘J-girl’ Ariel Lin heading to America to film an advertisement together. Recently, this news has been confirmed by both sides and after 9 years, Ariel Lin once again reveals her true feelings towards her idol Jay: “He is a very simple person and I feel very happy working with him!”

Jay, who has always been independent and cool, continues to show off his unique style. At the filming scene, Jay’s straightforwardness would often attract laughter from his ‘fan’ Ariel, and the infectious happiness seems to spread across the whole filming crew. Towards Ariel’s adoration, Jay laughs: “My life is very simple, I like to sing, act and play with antiques; it’s a pretty happy life.”

Having the chance to collaborate again with Jay, popular Taiwanese queen Ariel was pleasantly surprised and did not hide her love towards Jay. She revealed: “I like his straightforwardness and his simplicity. I am also a very simple but happy person. Hehe, I also want to thank Yi Li Yoghurt, because without this ‘matchmaker’, I wouldn’t have the chance to meet my idol again!”

This is their second collaboration together, after Ariel guest-starred in Jay’s ‘Nunchucks’ MV 9 years ago. The simple Jay and the simple Ariel have finally come together again, and bring a very simple type of happiness. Towards their second collaboration, Jay also shares his sentiments: “Actually, simplicity is a type of happiness and happiness can actually be very simple.”

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