Thursday, March 11, 2010

“FAKE feat. Namie Amuro” on March 31

The best combination in Japanese female R&B is back for the first time in seven years, with singers AI, 28, and Namie Amuro, 32, set to release their single “FAKE feat. Namie Amuro.”

The sexy pair performed together as part of SUITE CHIC in 2003 and ZEEBRA in 2006, but this is the first time for a song to be released under AI’ s name. 2010 also marks AI’s 10th anniversary on the music scene, and word is that she sounded Amuro out for her participation both publicly and privately.

“FAKE” is about a girl who has just been dumped by her man, and her talking about it with one of her girl friends. AI said: “This kind of thing would never happen to a girl like Namie, right? For that reason I thought it’d be interesting to have her on it.”

Amuro flashed a wry smile and said “I got more nervous than during my own recordings.”

“FAKE feat. Namie Amuro” goes on sale March 31.

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