Thursday, March 11, 2010

Jay Chou is mad about cars

Jay Chou is mad about cars, besides owning many antique cars and having a 40 million Benz SLR722, he has bought a made to order "Batmobile" from the "Batman" film all the way from America. A few days ago he accepted an interview from Azio "Make A Friend", incidentally his "Batmobile" had just arrived in Taiwan not long before, apart from being excited Jay Chou generously let them show the "Batmobile" on the show, even though he can't drive it on the road, but Jay Chou couldn't help but say: "On another day if I'm driving it on the road and see some paparazzi, we'll see who is faster."

A few days ago Jay Chou went on Azio's "Make A Friend" to promote "Pandamen", besides talking about his relationship with Devon and Yuhao, he also revealed that because he saw little kids worshipping heroes such as "Batman", "Spiderman" from abroad, thus he wanted to make a Chinese world hero. He hired the maker of the "Batmobile" from the movie "Batman" to make him a replica, after the recording of the show, he generously invited the production team to film it at the Huashan arts centre.

The "Batmobile" no matter the size, the accessories, especially the front tyres and wings at the back is exactly the same as the one in the movie, the coolness made the staff amazed seeing it. But due to the fact the car is too long, he had to rent out space from Huashan arts centre to park it, he laughed saying, it needs 3 parking spaces. As for the price to make it, Jay Chou was unwilling to reveal it.

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