Tuesday, March 23, 2010

News : Down With Love

For love, Jerry Yan actually spent a night sleeping over at the airport! CTV and GTV’s idol drama – [Down With Love]’s storyline will enter into a 4-angled love relationship in this week’s episode. Jerry’s character – Lawyer Xiang will finally learn that Ella’s role is not a lesbian and the joyous man will rush all the way to Hangzhou to express his love for Yang Guo (Ella’s character). However as the flight was fully booked, the handsome lawyer had no choice but to be placed on the flight’s wait list and to spend the night at the airport in meantime.

While filming the scene at the airport, the moment Jerry appeared, he attracted the attention of many tourists. Many of the female fans present immediately “earned” the chance to not only watch their idol up close but also to observe the filming! In order to film this scene, Jerry has to sleep on the chairs of the waiting area. While doing so, he accidentally hit his head, causing many female fans to feel heartaches.

With the telecast of [DWL], the clothes, accessories and bags used by Jerry and Ella in the serial have become conversational topics and interests of many netizens and fans. Last week (14 March), when Jerry gave Ella the “Sweets of Love” and with the scene of the couple enjoying the sweets merrily, the merchant received many calls the following day to enquire on these sweets. There was a fan who even ordered 200 boxes at one go. Within a week, the accumulated sales orders for these sweets actually came up to 50,000 boxes. Even some bridal shops also called up to order these sweets specifically on behalf of their clients and currently, these sweets are already out of stock due to the craze.

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