Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Rain’s new album on 1st April

The jacket for singer Rain’s new album set to be released on 1st April has been revealed.

According to JTunes Entertainment on 22nd March, “The title of the album is ‘Back To The Basic’. Even though Rain has been a singer since May 2002 and it has been 8 years, he always carries that initial heart and passion he had when it comes to singing.”

With the album jacket photo revealed, the preorder for the special album will also start from 22nd March on Hot Track, Yes24, InterPark, Sinara etc.

A JTunes rep said, “He revealed about his special album on his personal official homepage on 15th March, there has been overwhelming amount of incoming equiries from local and overseas fans. And even though we have no plans for it initially we will be doing pre-orders placing.”

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