Tuesday, March 23, 2010

S.H.E new album photoshoot

Yesterday S.H.E was doing a photoshoot to publicize for their latest album. The trio has a breakthrough and wore heels between 7cm to 20cm, depending on their costume changes. Selina exudes the femininity of a matured young woman; Hebe attempts to use her eyes to electrify, while Ella strikes many alluring and challenging poses.

Before the camera, S.H.E appeared ever perfect. But off-screen, they had to bear with a fair amount of hardships and difficulties. Amongst the trio, only Selina wear heels frequently and is attracted to the pretty stiletto heels. Hebe belonged to the intermediate group of heels-wearers and only started to wear them more often in recent years. On the other hand, Ella is amongst the group of beginner heels-wearers and rarely wears heels to walk or dance. Thus, when Ella finished changing into her designated outfit and the super stiletto heels to walk out of the dressing room, she accidentally slipped on the slippery door mat and fell forward. She even hit her forehead against the wall with a loud “thup”. The loud sound gave all members of the crew a fright.

Selina said, “This album will showcase our transformation from girls to young women. And one of the most significant changes would be the wearing of heels. Just like when we were young and wanted to grow up quickly, we would secretly put on our mothers’ heels. In a girl’s heart, putting on a pair of heels would symbolize the transformation into young women.” Hebe added, “In the past, I do not enjoy wearing heels as much. But I’ve grown accustomed to it through work, and now I feel that my proportions looked better when I wear heels.”

On the other hand, Ella shared, “I would probably wear heels only if need be during work. Thus being in heels is a big challenge for me. Especially during the concert whereby I have to dance in heels, it is really very tough. I remembered during last year’s [Love as One] concert, I wore heels to rehearse for a dance. After that my feet was in so bad pain and the company has to custom-made another pair of footwear for me.” Having been in heels for a full day of work, the trio ended up with soreness in their upper and lower backs and chorused, “This is the price to pay for looking trendy.”

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