Wednesday, March 31, 2010

“Shine A Light: Live Concert Album” from G-Dragon

G-Dragon earlier released his “Shine A Light: Live Concert Album” which consisted of new remixes and a new song featuring American hip-hop artist “Flo-Rida“.

Although the album consists of no actual new songs seeing as most of them are just remixes or the ‘live concert’ versions of them, it was still able to grab the #1 spot as soon as it was released with a total of 16 songs and a Bonus CD, both on Daily Album Charts and Real-time Album Charts.

This album beat out albums from other artists that actually contained new songs such as After Shool’s ‘Bang’ and Epik High’s ‘Epilogue’. Proving once again his impact on the k-pop scene and it’s sales. What is even better is that the profits of the selling of this album will all go to charity, and if it’s at number 1 then it must mean that it is selling lots of copies that will further help the poor and the ones in need.

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