Thursday, April 01, 2010

Show Lo's album "Lover's Puzzle (Rashomon)"

Show "Xiao Zhu[Little Pig]" Lo's seventh solo album "Lover's Puzzle (Rashomon)" once again stands at the top of both G-music and 5-music charts, winning by a high percentile, 10 consecutive weeks at the #1 spot, just dominating! Show is in China from 3/29 to 4/1, holding large "Lover's Puzzle" autograph functions in Chengdu, Beijing, Shenzhen, and Guangdong. In previous interviews, Show expressed that there never seemed to be enough time spent in China, so he hoped that he'd be able to fill his "Wives/Fans" wishes of seeing him again soon. Today, Show held his "Lover's Puzzle" autograph session in Shenzhen, but it somehow caused a commotion, and was suddenly called off.

At 5:30 PM today, Show Lo was at Shenzhen Futian District center plaza holding his autograph session. There were lots of fans that held their "Lover's Puzzle" album in hand, waiting for their close interacting moment with Show. And as expected, Show carefully signed each album presented to him, and also talked to his fans and even shaking their hands. But something happened, and the organizers suddenly told Show and his fans that due to crowd control issues, the autograph session was going to be cut short, they also kicked out the fans who hadn't gotten an autograph yet out of the venue. This sudden action not only caused confusion and strong protests from fans, but made Show confused and extremely upset.

Show kept asking the organizers, "My fans bought my album, why won't you let me sign them, what are my fans going to do then? How could you do this?" But the organizers didn't respond to Show. Show was insistent and didn't want to leave the venue, and was finally dragged off the signing stage by the organizers. So as not to disappoint fans, he told his fans that he'll sign their albums at the hotel later that night, group by group. Show will also be holding an autograph session in Guangzhou for "Lover's Puzzle" tomorrow, and many fans are hoping and praying that the same kind incidents don't happen again.

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