Thursday, March 18, 2010

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) two concerts in Hong Kong

Show Luo (Xiao Zhu) plans to hold two concerts in Hong Kong, on April 30th and May 1st. Credit card ticket pre-orders have already opened since March 15. Yesterday, Oriental Daily received a letter of complaint from a writer calling themself "Show Luo's HK Fan", accusing Show's company Golden Typhoon Entertainment of ignoring fans' feelings and of running a "black box" business when they failed to notify fans of Show's additional show on May 2nd. Golden Typhoon Entertainment's rep responded accordingly. "We just found out at noon after discussing it with Show's Taiwan manager, and notified the early bird credit card orders, so it's not a closed market business that we're running. Show's fans don't need to worry, the regular ticket sales begin on March 23rd, there will definitely be expensive tickets to scoop up!"

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